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Friday, May 9, 2008

Why I Dance

Why do I Folk Dance.

The photo at the top of the page says it all. I dance for the pure joy of it. When I first began it might of been for the satisfaction of getting that complicated step pattern right or looking good on the dance floor. Now I dance for the joy. That is why I now find the simple social ethnic dances ( Pravo, Cocek, Sryto, U'sest) to be more fun than the overly choreographed stage dances that some of the hotshot dancers like. I prefer live music to an amateur band to recorded music.

Sometimes it everything comes together and it is just wonderful.

Luckily, this happens for me almost every week in my Monday dance class the Roy Butler Dance School. The ladies, I teach in this class, also dance for the joy of it. A trait they learned from Jan their original teacher, from whom I took over the class when she had to move.

Even though I said I like the simple dances, the screen capture at the top of the page comes from a performance of Rustemul at a Miorita Romanian party.

The last time I went to a general folk dance party and we entered the moment was when the Village Folk Orkestra played in Garden Valley.

Here is hoping you find the joy of folk dancing.


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