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This is the blog for the International Folk Dance Video List. The video list page is the collection of my folk dance videos in a visual folk dance video list at: .
This web site represents my ongoing project of video recording folk dances and posting the dances to the web.The videos are listed on the site in two formats.: On the top of the alphabetical pages is a video player that is an alphabetical list of the international folk dances available on royisdancing my YouTube page.

Below the video player is an alphabetical list of the dances I have collected. Clicking on the dance name will bring up a video of the dance. If I have found a dance note source on the Internet for the dance then link to the dance description is also listed. Each dance is listed only once even though I may have multiple videos of a dance in the collection. Check the Video Players for the all of the videos.
The videos on the list are there for all folk dancers to use. If you need more than a simple link that you can steal from the video players address, then email me Roy.
Some of the videos can also be found on You Tube .

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sacramento Internation Folk Dance and Arts Council

The Sacramento International Folk Dance and Arts Council (SIFDAC) puts on five major events during the year. For SIFDAC the new year starts in August.

These events have been the main source of videos on the SIFDAC channel. Another source of videos has been the SIFDAC Outreach Program. This is a category I created on the web site for when SIFDAC members do events for the general public.


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